The world's first vacuum and filter for farts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does Fartvac work?

Fartvac removes the fart gas under your clothing and filters it with activated carbon technology. Typically, farts are trapped by our clothing and don't escape the fibers for about 5 seconds. This is the time when Fartvac can remove and filter them.

2. Will it work on my most horrible farts?

NASA uses activated carbon for odor and impurification filtration, so we know the technology is sound. That said, there is no gaurantee that Fartvac will remove all the smell from your horrible gas. If people complain of your odor despite your use of the Fartvac, we recommend a higher-fiber diet and an avoidance of meat and dairy.

3. I got my Fartvac and tried to fart so hard that I pooped in my pants a little, can Fartvac help?

It is a critical life lesson to know when you cannot trust a fart, we're sorry you had to learn it the hard way. Fartvac only filters gas farts, we cannot help filter the smell from poop in your pants in any way. You need a new pair of underwear, pants, and a good shower.

4. Why did you invent Fartvac?

Farting is funny, we believe it isn't something that we should shame or be embarassed by. Our hope is that taking action to show others you are trying to reduce the smell will make loud and funny farts more acceptable in society. This world needs more laughter.

Fart Covertly and Politely